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How Donations Help

Children become involved with Children’s Aid Society because they have experienced neglect, abuse, or other threats to their well-being, and as a result often face great challenges.

Your support can help children and youth who’ve faced so much, providing childhood experiences and opportunities that each and every child deserves.

With your support, we help children and youth develop into happy, healthy individuals.

Here’s how:

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    Help fund post-secondary awards and awards for youth in high school!!

    Stay in School Awards - Post Secondary Focus
    Students attending College, University or a Trades Program apply for an annual Stay in School monetary Award.

    Stay in School Awards - Public School Focus
    Students in grades 8 - 12 who have seen success within their school year receive recognition for their achievement and a gift card.

  • Bright Futures: Educational Support Fund

    Better futures are built through support for education.

    Assisting with college and trade program tuition, and university-related program expenses, as well as basic student needs like meal plans and transportation, remove significant obstacles to student success.

    The fund also helps young students in elementary and high school, removing barriers to student success. Community support helps with urgently-needed school supplies, the aid of a tutor to overcome a learning hurdle, the resources to make participation in a school trip possible, and so much more.

  • Possibilities Fund

    Removing obstacles and making things possible.

    The Possibilities Fund provides childhood enrichment that otherwise wouldn’t be possible for many kids - things like swimming lessons, enrollment in sports, an art class, and other experiences that spark a child’s imagination.

    The Possibilities Fund helps our youth in transition as they move from a foster setting to independent living at the age of 18 with needs like setting up a first apartment, a driver’s exam or other assistance to help them find their way as young adults.

    This fund provides short-term or one-time emergency assistance to help secure the immediate health and safety of a child, and help to make staying in the family home possible while the social worker begins to address the core issues facing a family in crisis. Things like urgent food support or an urgent repair to a home to improve safety can make a tremendous difference.

    The Possibilities Fund addresses difficult and urgent circumstances, so we are “at the ready,” and able to do what most parents are there to do for their kids, help in a time of crisis and transition.

  • Urgent Infant Care Program

    Helping at-risk, new parents with much-needed basics, such as a safe crib and formula help keep baby safe at home while specially trained child welfare workers provide guidance to fragile young families. Essential baby needs are also required in emergency situations where an infant must be taken into care to ensure their safety.

  • Camp For Kids

    Camp for Kids provides meaningful childhood experiences and great memories for very deserving kids. Learning new skills; developing an interest; laughing with new friends; having a break from difficult family and childhood situations. Just being a kid like any other – this is why a camp experience is so important to our kids.

    Positive, confidence-building experiences like camp help vulnerable children and youth develop to their fullest potential.

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